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9 Weird Ways To Increase Organic Traffic To Website

The biggest challenge in front of a blogger is to increase Organic Traffic from Google Search Engine on your website and blog and move forward with your competitors. SEO Optimizing is needed to increase the website’s organic traffic. In this post, we are telling you 10 great ways to increase your website traffic and organic traffic. How to increase traffic to the blog and website ?, How to Increase Website Organic Traffic

What is SEO Learn SEO Easy Guide For Beginners

Organic Traffic is the method to bring Traffic to Search Engine (Search Search Engine Optimization by Search Terms and Text) on your website.

10 Ways to Increase Website Organic TrafficTo increase Search Traffic, you have to follow many SEO Terms, Formulas, Tips and Tricks and Google Algorithm Guideline.Here I am telling you Top 10 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic. Which are the most used.

Write Quality Content

Google now puts more quality content. That is, the better information will be shared on your website. The higher your website’s ranking in Google will be and the more organic traffic you get.This is the first and the best way to increase traffic on your website, which everyone should follow.

Create Backlinks

To top it in Google, it is important to have a link to your website from another website. When your website links to many other websites sharing similar content, Google has more trust on it.

Now you can link your website to another website via a link. But you have to keep in mind that the content of which website you are backlinking is relevant to your website and its Domain Authority is 20+.

SEO Optimization

To get traffic from Google, it’s important to have SEO on your website and to write your SEO Friendly Content. In it you had to do Theme, Design, Markup, Keyword Optimizing

Know Google Algorithms

To bring traffic to your website from Google, you need to put your Site content in Top Position in Google SERPs.To get your site top ranking in Google, how Google works, how to get your site top in Google should be known.You should be aware of the Google algorithm to learn all about this.

When you learn about Google algorithm and its working process, it will be easy to get you to have your site in Google.

Follow Google Guideline

If you want traffic from Google then you have to follow Google’s guideline. If you work against Google Guidelines, Google will never give you a ring.

As I have mentioned in Point No.2, you have to understand Google Algorithms, not just to understand but also to obey its rules. After breaking Google’s rules, Google will remove your site from its search engine.

Fix Broken Links

To get me to Google, it’s important that there are no issues in your website (Server, Design, Dead and Broken Links etc.). The most important broken link is to fix.

Remove or replace all the gender present on your website, at which Error 404 Issue is. That is, the links which are not working are correct.

Write Continue Post

Google gives more to blogs and more on which information is shared regularly. If you do not give any update on your blog for a long time, its current rank will also be reduced.

If you regularly work on your website, Google will crawl your site more and rank higher for your site.

Because when you write posts on regular time, your audience will wait for your new post and when you publish the post, all people will read that post. The more people your post will read, the more Google will show it in the top.

Reduce Bounce Rate

If your website has a high bounce rate, then Google will not rank your site. Because Google gives more rank to content that audiences like most.High bounce rate means that very few people are interested in reading your content. This will make your rank even more down.

If you succeed in reducing the bounce rate, then your general content will also rank top in Google. Because this will make Google feel that more and more people are choosing your content, which means that your content is better than others.


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