6+ Key Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

To build a successful online presence, we know that you have to go through struggles such as website, web hosting, marketing, social media, content creation, advertising and more. It can sometimes become nerve-racking. So we have come up with an article that will help you reduce the daily work of your website. If you think of having someone manage everything related to your WordPress website so that you can focus on other things on your website.

Today, we will find out how the WordPress hosting service will help you take the difficult part. Choosing a managed WordPress hosting is an important element when choosing a web host.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting

Let’s start with understanding what exactly is a WordPress hosting managed and what is the difference between unmanaged and managed WordPress hosting.

A managed WordPress hosting provider takes care of every aspect of your server management tasks. They also look at server optimization and all other technical aspects of your server. The technical support team is well trained in WordPress and its functioning. They know everything inside and outside your WordPress server and thus they manage the server for you. Whereas, in unmanaged WordPress hosting, all the server related tasks are done by themselves.

Now, find out the benefits of managed hosting along with some managed reasons that you should consider upgrading to managed WordPress hosting.

Why should you upgrade to Managed WordPress hosting?

1. Slowed down

Website users these days only prefer fast loading web pages and will not wait more than a few seconds for your site to load. If your website is slower than normal, you may need to seek the help of experts to help speed up your web. So why not go for managed services yourself? They will optimize your server to give better speed to your site.

2. Tech

You may have an expert in your field but not technical. This is quite common. In such cases, instead of wasting your time resolving technical issues, it is suggested that you are opt-in to managed hosting services.

3. Features

If you have a limited site with limited features, then it will suffice for unmanaged hosting. But if you have a heavy site using a lot of plugins that can take maximum resources of the server, it can result in a slow loading website. Instead of compromising with your website, it would be better to go with managed hosting.

Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting:

Are you facing any of the issue listed above? Then it is time to switch to managed WordPress hosting. Here, we will summarize the advantages of managed WordPress hosting.

1. Security

WordPress is the most popular platform for a website these days and hence, is more likely to be hackers than normal website. Whereas managed WordPress hosts are aware of such tasks and thus take necessary steps to prevent hackers from hacking your website. They ensure that your site is always protected against any weak web attacks. Therefore, when you choose managed WordPress hosting, your site becomes hacker-proof.

2. Faster

As mentioned earlier, the speed of your website may be slow due to many reasons. Managed WordPress providers are specifically there to help you take care of your website’s speed and deliver better performance. They customize the server so that your website is not affected, even if there is more traffic.

3. Expert Support

You get full technical support for your WordPress related issue. They have extensive technical knowledge about WordPress and are suggested to you for plugins that need or do not need to be used.

4. High Traffic

The website is difficult to handle during a sudden traffic spike. Your website may crash or react during such times. Managed WordPress providers monitor the traffic coming to your website and prepare to handle all traffic coming to your website.

5. Automatic updates and backup

You have to pay attention to the update of WordPress, plugin, etc. every time to improve your website. Thus, it may not be possible to keep track of all these updates and install them manually. But when you have managed the services, all these updates are taken care of by their experts. Also, backups are done on a regular basis to keep you out of any accidental situations.


Finally, the last reason to seriously consider a managed website host is that it saves you many valuable hours. Since all server-related work is handled by your host, using those times you focus on what is good for your website.

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