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In the previous article we talk about what is micro niche,  Many people still have not understood, so for them, we are going to tell step by step below. You will also be able to follow all these steps easily and if you do not understand or want to ask any question related to it, then tell it in the comment.

Choose your Topic.

As you all will know that to start any blog, you have to select the topic and post the related posts. We have already told about it well in this article. Therefore, here we will tell you in short that you have to think about such a topic, about which you are aware and how much is its popularity in the market?

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The topic plays a big role to make the blog successful. Some people choose such topics for their blog, about which they have very little knowledge. Due to this, they are not able to tell openly in their post, due to which their users have a lot of complaints. This goes on for some time and finally, he has to quit blogging.

Therefore, you have to be very careful while choosing your blog’s topic. Blog’s niche is also of two types. First, Short term and second Long term Niche. If you create your micro niche blog for a short term (eg on a TV show), then your blog will run only as long as it is serialized and when the serial is closed, your site will also be down gradually. But you can loot by creating such a site.

The second is the long term niche. As an example, if you create your micro niche site on health niche, then people will also take care of health care in the feature and will search about it. You will know that you will have to work once in long term site and you will continue to get its benefits. So whenever you select the niche, then take care of it.

Select Domain.

You all will know that domain is the most important part of our blog or website. This gives visitors access to our blog. For this reason, you should choose the domain of your blog carefully.

If you want to blog your micro niche, then you should select the domain according to your topic. With this, your blog will be able to rank well in the search engine. You can also read this post to choose a good domain.

Setup your blog.

Now you have to create your blog in this stage and set up its sittings. In this, you have to make your blog on a good platform. And with some of his sitting, Stag is not to do customization so that his look will be better, you can buy theme from

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Let us tell you that the budget is the highest for any business and it is required. You cannot take your business forward without a budget. If you start your business in any way, then you will have a lot of trouble in the future and your business is also very difficult to succeed.

If you have a budget, then we would recommend that you start your micro niche blog on WordPress. In this you will definitely have to spend money, but it is much better than Blogspot. You will be able to give a better look to your blog even without coding it. But to give a good look to Blogspot blog, you need to have knowledge of coding.

If you do not have money, then you have the option to create your own blog on Blogger. You will get limited access along with limited features in it. But if you are starting a blog, then this is probably the best option for you. Because in Blogger you do not have to face more errors.

Whereas in WordPress you may have to face regular errors. If you have chosen a bad hosting by mistake, then you will have to suffer a huge loss. A lot of people will be ready to give you a cheap rate hosting but you will regret it later.

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Create your blog on either of them and set a good theme in it. If you have money, choose a premium theme from Because it will get many features and options, which is difficult to get in a free theme. Keep the design of your blog simple and fast loading.

After this, create some important pages in your blog. Such as About us, Contact Us, Privacy and Policy, etc. It is very important to have all these pages. This gives visitors of your blog a chance to know about you and stay connected to you.

Do Keyword Research and SEO planning.

“Keyword” has a very important role to get blog ranking in search engine. By using the keyword correctly in your blog, you can bring it to the top quickly in the search engine.

If your site is on a micro niche, then doing keyword research for you is even more important. Because anyway the search engine is giving a lot of value to micro niche sites right now and if you use the keyword in such a way, then definitely your blog will be at the top in Google SERPs within a very short time.

All the big bloggers are those who pay maximum attention to keyword research and use the keyword with good search volume in their post and because of that it’s post is able to rank well.

You can also gain traffic from other countries by using the keyword in your blog. If you want to do keyword research for your blog, then there are more paid tools with good features in it, but if you are looking for free tools, then you can use KW Finder tool. It has many good features and it is absolutely free.

When doing keyword research, keep in mind that do not choose the keyword with too much and too low search volume, choose only the keywords with normal search volume. And use only relevant keywords in your blog that will help in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

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Writing Post:

Now you have made your micro niche website and have also done basic SEO, so now you should not waste wasted time. I am aware that after creating a site, attention goes towards a lot of things, but you have to avoid all these, only then you will be able to make your site successful.

Now, now you have to fix your target and post regularly on your blog. Try to know everything about the niche on which your blog is, and do research for it so that you have complete information about it. With this, you will be able to openly tell the complete information to the readers in your post.

If you post daily on your blog, it will be great. With this, your visitors will also like and the search engine will also increase the ranking. If you are very busy, then do 3-4 posts every week.

I have seen many people that make a micro-niche site and writes a few posts and says that there is no information about them that I should write. While this is totally wrong. If you feel that you have given all the information related to your niche, then read the feedback or comments of your readers and there will be some questions in it. Write a post about them and clear the entire information. What I mean to say is that answer every small question related to the niche of your blog.

Now monetize your blog.

So far, a lot of money has been spent and a lot of hard work has also been done, so now it is the turn to get its fruits. When you write 50-60 posts on your blog, then 1000+ traffic will come in it per day. Now take some measures to earn money from your blog.

There are many ways to earn money from blogs, but to earn money from them, it is very important to have traffic. Advertising is the best way to earn money from it. You can connect your blog to a good advertising network and you can make income by showing its ads on your blog. In recent times, Adsense and are the most popular advertising network. More bloggers use AdSense only in their blog. Adsense is a service of a very large company Google.

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Apart from this, you can earn well from affiliate marketing. Just like Adsense give you money for ads click but they give us money to sell per product. If you take affiliation from a company and show the banner of its product in the blog, then if a visitor clicks on it and purchases the product then you will get a commission.

This way you can earn money through your blog in many ways. You have to make your blog successful, its money will run after you.

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