How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Facebook Messenger

Facebook is a very popular means of being connected to each other. Has it ever happened to you that you have messaged someone on Facebook Messenger but that message was not delivered? If yes, then it may happen that either that person has de-activated their account or it may be that they have blocked you. Today, through our article, we will provide you information about how you can know whether someone has blocked you on Facebook Messenger or not?

First of all open Facebook Messenger in your phone and then search for the person’s chat which you suspect is that they have probably blocked you. After clicking on the chat, try sending them a message. 

After sending the message, see if you are seeing a tick sign next to the message. If you see the sign, it means your message is sent. 

But if you do not feel tickled then there can be two things in the first place, either the first person you have sent is not connected to the internet and the other is either blocked by you. After the message,

if you see a message of “message not sent, this person is not receiving messages at this time”, then it means that you are not just on Facebook Messenger but are completely blocked on Facebook.

After receiving this message, you can see the profile of that person from another account, if you get their account then it means that they have blocked you. But if they do not get the account, they probably have been deactivated their account.

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