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How To Secure Facebook Account From Hacking Two Step Verification

Facebook will be using all of you and at times you will also be afraid that your account will not be hacked. Recently, Facebook’s 50 million accounts were hacked, so it is necessary that the account be secured. By activating Two Step Verification, you can increase the Facebook account security. Today, we will tell our readers how can you activate this feature and keep your account protected from hacking Two Step Verification

How To Secure Facebook Account From Hacking

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

1) First of all log in to the Facebook account.

2) Click on the triangle seen on the right side and go to Settings.

3) After going to settings you will see the option of security and log in the left hand side.

4) After clicking on security and log-in, you can change the password and log in options Will meet. This option is just below the ‘Two-factor authentication.

5) Click on Two-Factor Authentication.

6) Then click on Get Started.

7) Now you will have two options – Text Message and Authentication App.

First method of text message

1) If you select Text Message option, you will have to enter the phone number. Keep in mind that the code will be sent to your same name for verification.

2) After entering the number, a code will be received on your phone.

3) Two-factor authentication will be activated as soon as the code is entered.

Second Way Authentication App

1) You can select this option if you do not want to enter your mobile number. For this, you’ll need to download the Google Authenticator app appearing on the screen.

2) After downloading the app, scan the QR code appearing on the screen with the help of the authentication app.

3) Then enter the code appearing in the app on the computer.

4) After entering the code, you will see that two-factor authentication will be turned on.

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