How to Save AdSense From Suspension

Tips to save Save AdSense from suspension

Regarding Google Adsense Account, all those people who are connected to the Internet are special to those who are on the blogger blog or on any blogging platform, the main reason for blogging is to share it with their Knowledge people say nothing Make some money and the best way is to create an account in Google Adsense, and when we create a Google Adsense account, then knowingly something goes wrong in the way that is in violation of the Google AdSense policies.

Google Adsense keeps changing its Adsense policy from time to time and we ignore those which are wrong, here it is a big mistake and our Google Adsense account becomes the reason for the suspension

Hello Bloggers, let’s talk about these ways to Save AdSense From Suspension. Here are Top 15 Tips To Make Your AdSense Safe

01). Paid Traffic:

If you are buying traffic for your Adsense enabled website, then this is also against Adsense TOS, you should read and understand Google’s Adsense landing page quality guidelines correctly, in which you will get the idea of what Google is – Does your website expect

02) .Continuing Same Post:

If you repeatedly publish a single post with a different name but all the content is the same, then it is also wrong, do not repeat the same post again, because it is the reverse of your Traffic and Google Adsense Will have to suffer.

03). Click by Publishers:

Many publisers click on their own ads, which should never be forgotten, many bloggers and webmasters have to click on their own add-ons to make more advance or ask to click with their blog readers, which are wrong Because Google Adsense does not allow you to click on your own ads Adsense bans such an account

04) .Long Interval Time Between Two Post:

We should continue to upgrade our blog anytime, we should never ever have a big gap between the two posts as there should be no gap of 3-4 months even if the blog is kept up to date every month, if we keep continuously 3-4 If you do not post the month, then it also affects Google Adsense.

05). Hosting Copyright content:

If you have been putting Adsense ads on your website and are also hosting a lot of copyrighted content on your website such as movie, song or other torrent file, Google Adsense can ban your account very soon if you do so. Google AdSense does not allow you to use their program with Copyright Stuff.

06). Make Sticky Ads:

Never make your Adsense ads sticky, because in this way you work against the AdSense implementation policy. If you do not publish Adsense ads on your site with Sticky, anytime.

07). Using Adsense with Unsupported Language:

Google does not support all languages in its Adsense Programe, if you already have an Approved Adsense account from Google and you have placed your Ads on the website that has not been provided in the Adsense Programe support languages, your account Can be blocked.Anyway, do not do that!

08). Maximum Adsense Unit on a single page:

Adsense has already made it clear how many maximum number of ads are displayed per page. But if you have done something wrong by mistake, then it will not be considered a violation of Adsense policies and Adsense can be used only by just three ads Does not allow much unless you become a premium Adsense publisher.

09). Altering the Adsense code:

Google Adsense does not allow the Adsense code to be modified or modified in any way. The size of the advertising ads should be used by Google,

Note: Use of Responsive Ads for you can be Best Option

19). Invalid Clicks:

Many Adsense publishers say to their friends that they click Ads by their computer or a different IP computer, so that they can be fired but if the Adsense team is aware of this activity, then the Adsense team will disable that account Does it

11). Sending Ads on Email:

Many publishers send adsense ads to the logs by email, and sometimes this mail becomes viral and if Google gets it easily by clicking on the same ads repeatedly do not do this, because this Google is against the program policies.

12). Competitive contextual advertisement:

You can also use more ads with Google Adsense but keep in mind that the networks also adhere to the Adsense TOS. Infolinks, Viglink There are some similar Ads networks such as Kontextua etc that can be used with AdSense.

13). See also for ads like label:

Often many publisher keep using the trick to attract reader advertisements, such as click here and see, or click to encourage, encourage. All this is a violation of Adsense policy.

14). Using images or side by side:

If you hide the Google Adsense Image Ads unit in the middle of your blog or the image of the website, or place it in the other side and click on your ads instead of an image, then this will be an invalid click, this will invalidate your account. .Google’s TOS never does not allow you to adjacent your image with its Image Ads unit.

15). No Traffic:

Google’s Google Adsense is an advertising platform that gives Approval to the low traffic website if it follows all the policies of Google Adsense, but it bans low traffic and an account with no traffic.

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