Top 5+ Secret SEO Ranking Factors for 2020

Google periodically updates its Search Algorithm and SEO Factors always change. There were some other factors in 2018 to get site topping in the top ranks in 2018, there is something else in 2019 and there will be some more in 2020. In this post, we are telling you about the Top 5+ secret SEO Factors for 2020.

Top 5+ secret SEO Factors of 2020

You have read and heard about a lot of SEO optimization tips. But if things are the top and most essential SEO optimizing methods then very few people know about it.

For example, if your website loads slowly, you will not be able to rank on the blog even if there is great content. Therefore it is important to follow all top SEO factors.

SEO Factor #1 – Website Performance

Yes, Google’s Member has reported that Website Performance is included in Google’s top 3 ranking factors. Performance has been a Top Ranking Factor for quite a while now.

Some people say that if speed is important, then there are many top sites here whose performance is not so fast but still in the top. So let me tell you that the performance is a ranking factor but that does not mean that it overrides everything.
Google has more than 200 ranking factor. If a site is also topped with unnecessary performance, then it means that it is following Google’s rest ranking factor.

SEO Factor #2 Content

Content quality is most important to get top rank in Google. You should write content for the purpose of helping the user and not for the search engine.

Google is trying to better understand the content and the changes have been made in the top of all the alterations in the google algorithms over the past few years.

Google says that content written for the user is the most important factor. Because Google wants to give good information to its users well.

Become a master in your subject and write a post with more than 2,000 words. Everything in it has been told from the detail. Only then will it be beneficial.

SEO Factor #3 User Engagement

We design websites for both people and for search engines. We want the design of our website to be liked by all users and attract more visitors to our site. Because the engagement of users on your site, the time spent on your site is a ranking factor for Google.

Regardless of whether the users are content to read the content on your site or because of the design of your site, you will benefit from both the sunshine.

Clearly, the more traffic we can get on our site and the more people we can attract. The more the rankings of our site will increase. For this, you can visit user-friendly navigation items, internal links, recent posts, popular posts, related post etc. on your blog. you can use widget

SEO Factor #4 Technical Structure

We need to consider how our technical structure is affecting user engagement and our keyword ranking.

Technical SEO is considered to be the foundation of SEO. We must ensure that our website is crawl & indexable and search engine friendly or not. We can help index search our site all pages using the XML sitemap. Additionally, you can submit your website and its Sitemap in Google Search Council and Bing Webmaster Tools.

Using Robots.txt file, we can block all the pages that we do not want to index in the search engine.

It is also very valuable to enable HTTPS to make your site safe for transactions. There is another ranking factor to improve site ranking. You can use clean URLs and optimize your site and server and make fast loading of the website.

SEO Factor #5 Interlinking

Interlinking is important from many SEO perspectives. If the technical SEO website is the foundation then there is internal link doors. Just like going from room to room, allow one to go from one post to another.

This is a great way to lower the website bounce rate and it also allows your readers to read the content. But you can not add any link to any post in any post. You must include only the necessary and relevant links for this. This makes it easy for users to visit one page to another on your site. This allows users to read many posts of the same subject.

SEO Factor #6 Mobile Responsivity

Mobile first-index is now one of Google’s top-ranking factories. This is absolutely important because more users than the desktop use their smartphones to run the internet.

It is important for mobile users to keep in mind mobile device sizes while designing a website. Your site should be well open in all devices

You can also simplify the mobile surfing experience of mobile users. For this, you can use features such as auto load pagination, auto-load next post. In addition to making your website mobile-friendly, you can create fast-loading to the site using Google AMP.


We have a lot of ranking factors to follow. So we do not have to follow everything. If we follow some top ranking factors, then we can also get the top rank in Google.

According to me, there will be no such website or blog that follow all Google ranking factors. I do not violate any Google guideline.

If you understand all the above information first and follow them then you can definitely rank your article on the Search Engine. Along with this, if you have any Confusion on this topic or have any questions, then please tell us in the Comment Box Thank you.

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