Top 5 Great Upcoming Features In WhatsApp Big Change in WhatsApp

Top 5 Great Upcoming Features In WhatsApp

Whatsapp is constantly launching new features to attract its users. In the past few years, Whatsapp has added many new features to make the app more useful for its euregros. Last week, Whatsapp Launched Stickers for Android and IOS users. Whatsapp, owned by Facebook, is busy in testing some fun features these days. Recently the news came that Whatsapp is thinking of making a change to its Dealit for Everywhere feature. Although Whatsapp Instant Messaging app is also working on the features of Linked Accounts besides Vacation Mode and Silent mode.

Top 5 Great Upcoming Features In WhatsApp

Private Reply
Whatsapp has released a new feature for its Android beta users. Through this feature, users are getting private option in group chat. Through the private reply feature, WhatsApp users can make separate messages, voice calls, or video calls to any individual during group chat. This feature is part of the 2.18.355 beta version. It is worth noting that some drawbacks have come up after this update. The news is that whatsapp is crashing while removing the media file from the group. To send private messages, you have to first select the message that you want to reply to. After selecting the message, you have to tap on three dots at the top of the group chat. Along with tapping, you will see four options like Copy, Message, Voice Call and Video Call. Of these, you can choose the option of your need.

Vacation and Silent Mode
Whatsapp is going to come up with two new features called “Vacation” and “Silent Mode”. In silent mode, any chat can be ‘archived’ by removing it from the chat list. The advantage of this feature will be that if the archive chat is ‘mute’ then the message will not appear in the chat list even after the message arrives. The silent mode feature will hide the message ‘badge’ on the Whatsapp app. If a group or chat is kept mute, its badges will not show on the app. If you open the app then you will find the message coming in the mute chat.

Picture-in-picture mode
The ‘picture-in-picture’ mode is already present in iOS, but it can be released in Android soon. With the help of this feature, videos from YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram can be seen on the Whatsapp app.

Preview media from notification
According to preview media from Notification Tech reports, Beta version of Whatsapp has seen the feature of ‘preview media from notification’ and it can also be released soon. With the help of this feature, the preview of the photo or video on the Whatsapp app will be seen in the notification bar. Only the previews of the messages can be seen in the notification bar.

In addition to Dark Mode
Touch ID and Face ID, the ‘Dark Mode’ feature is also coming soon in Whatsapp. Dark mode can have two colors, first – dark gray and second – dark green. In this mode, the incoming message will be shown in dark gray and outgoing messages in dark green color. Also the key board will look only in dark color. Apart from this, you will get the option of ‘Touch ID’ or ‘Face ID’ to secure Whatsapp. With this help, WhatsApp ID can be unlocked through Touch ID or Face ID. However, both of these features are expected to come in the iOS app.

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