Vivo Upcoming ‘Waterdrop’ leaked photos, unique design

Vivo Upcoming ‘Waterdrop’ leaked photos, unique design

When Vivo introduced Apex Concept Phone in the Mobile World Congress last year, it was the start of a non-die-hard display trend. It seems that this year too the company is going to be something unique. A leak has claimed that Vivo will bring a unique phone this year. Such a design has not been found to be seen in any phone till date. The Tipster promises that Vivo will launch a phone that will be the first phone of its kind in the history of mobile phones. This leak has also shared pictures of some parts of the device.

Vivo Upcoming ‘Waterdrop’ leaked photos, unique design

A leak named Ice Universe shares two photos showing a part of that phone on Twitter. One sees the side of the side and the other part of the backpanel in the second. Both pictures do not reveal much, but leak says that this phone is being called in the name of “The Waterdrop” inside the company.

It is possible that this phone comes with the Edge toge design at all. There will be no bezel, noch or physical buttons in it. This device may not have any power or volume buttons.

From shared photos, it also appears that the combination of back and front edges will be very smooth. No metal frame nor any antenna band Smooth flow points towards gesture interaction and pressure-based feature integration.

leak has said, “I can guarantee that you have not seen this type of phone design, this will be the first phone of your kind in the history of mobile.” He further said that this phone will also change the concept of old smartphones within the people.

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