What are the things to keep in mind when shopping online | 6 Tips

You can also be a victim of fraud in online shopping. In fact, fast-growing online shopping is also increasing the chances of selling fake products. This is the reason why fake products have become a big problem for online buyers. Several surveys have shown that one-third of the products are getting fake from e-c commerce companies.
A recent survey conducted by Local Circles shows that 38 percent of the 6,923 online shoppers were sold through fake e-commerce sites. 12 percent of online shoppers said they received fake products from Snapdeal, 11 percent cited Amazon, and 6 percent cited Flipkart. 

Another survey conducted by market research platform Velocity MR showed that one in three online buyers received fake products while shopping online in the last six months. The survey was conducted among 3,000 buyers. 

Not only this, according to these surveys, fakes were sold from perfume to branded shoes and fashion apparel. Therefore, if you are fond of online shopping, then you should take care of before shopping.  

#1. Compare the product 

One way to differentiate between real and fake is to get information about the product on the official website of the brand. You can get information about the product through its model number here. If you are buying a mobile phone online, also check the IMEI number printed above the box and mix it with the official website of the brand before purchasing the product. 

The problem of counterfeit products is not only in India but worldwide. E-commerce sites operate on the market model and with millions of third-party vendors, it is difficult to check if they are selling genuine products.  

#2- Genuine or Fake

On Amazon, you will get the ‘Amazon Fullfield’ tag against some products. This product is offered by third-party vendors. But this item is sent to you from the Amazon Fulfillment Center. In this case, the sale of these products is done by Amazon. Similarly, on Flipkart, you will get ‘Flipkart Assured’ tag against some products. 

#3. Check the Rating

It is often difficult to find a fake product while shopping. If you are worried about a product, you can first see the seller’s rating and product review. These ratings and reviews are both useful tools for product reliability. 

#4. Return Policy 

This is another point that needs your attention. A clear return policy enhances consumer confidence. He feels that the product he is buying is genuine. 

#5. Do not get 

caught in the flow of heavy discounts, there are huge discounts on products like cosmetics, perfumes on online websites. Do not get caught in its greed, because most of such products do not have a clear return policy. According to a survey by LocalCircles, 34 percent of online shoppers say that they have found fake products related to perfume and fragrance. 

#6. If you have bought fake product

If you have bought fake goods, then sitting and thinking nothing is going to happen. You identify the seller for the return or refund of the product. Consumers should notify the e-commerce website and ask them to take strict action against such vendors. It should be taken up on the social media platform if there is no satisfactory response. 

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What are the things to keep in mind when shopping online | 6 Tips
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