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What is 502 Error. How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error.

What is 502 Error

502 Bad Gateway Error is HTTP’s status code, which means that a server on the Internet is receiving an invalid response from another server. 502 Bad Gateway Error is completely independent of your setups, that means it can appear in any browser, any operating system, and any device. 502 Bad Gateway Error can be customized by every website, although it is quite unusual. Different webservers describe it differently, with some examples below you can understand –

Like the web page, 502 Bad Gateway Error is displayed inside the Internet browser window, Twitter’s famous word “fail whale” error, which shows the over capacity of twitter, is actually a 502 Bad Gateway error. When the Google 502 Bad Gateway error occurs in Google services like Google search or gmail, it also shows a server error on screen or sometimes just 502.

502 Bad Gateway

Cause of 502 Bad Gateway Errors

502 Bad Gateway Error is usually caused by issues between online servers, which you do not have any control, then you can not do anything to solve it. But sometimes there is no real problem related to the network or server, sometimes the problem is in your home networking equipment or such a problem which can easily be solved by you.

How to Fix the 502 Bad Gateway Error

Because 502 Bad Gateway Error is an error between the servers on the Internet network, it means that the problem is not in your computer or internet connection, but if there is any error on your side, then here it is understandable. Try to improve –

Change your computer or router’s DNS server, sometimes due to the temporary issues of the DNS server, the 502 Bad Gateway error is also encountered.

Try to load the URL again by pressing the F5 or Ctrl-R button from your key-board or pressing refresh / reload, if 502 Bad Gateway Error is telling the networking error that is outside of your control The error is completely temporary, it may be immediately removed if you reload the page.

Delete your browser’s cookies. This is the same reason as caches, by removing saved cookies and reopening the page, this problem is resolved. If you do not want to delete all cookies, just delete those cookies that are related to that site and cause an error.

Close all the open windows browser and start a new browser again, and try to open the webpage again, this error may be due to the browser being used in your computer for some time To restore the browser, simply restart this error.

Start your browser in safe mode, running a browser in safe mode means running with default settings without any add-ons or extensions. If you run a browser in safe mode, if you do not get
502 Bad Gateway after a long time, then you should understand that some browser extension or settings will be causing the problem. Then you default to your browser settings or disable the browser extension, this will help you to get to the root of the problem.

Use another browser, some popular browser – firefox, chrome, internet explorer safari etc.

If 502 Bad Gateway is not found in the alternative browser then you understand that there is some problem in the original source due to which an error is occurring, and if this is the case, then you should re-install your browser, doing so will cause a 502 error. Problem may be solved.

Download Software Update 1 for Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway (TMG) 2010 Service Pack 1, if you have already downloaded this software and after this 502 error is still occurring, then the network logon has failed.

Restart your computer, some temporary issue of computers that can connect to the network and give 502 errors, especially if the error is coming to more than one website, it would be best to restart the computer.

Restart your networking equipment, sometimes due to issue in router, modem, switches, or other networking devices, 502 error also occurs, simply restarting can cause the error to be solved.

Try again after some time, because sometimes the issue is with either your internet service provider or with the website network, if you contact with them then the issue with which you are getting will surely confirm you.

Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP), if your computer, browser and network are working well and your website shows that the page or site is working for them, then it means that 502 Bad Gateway is arriving due to the network and your internet service provider is responsible for this.

You can also contact the website directly, maybe the website has already been working to solve the 502 error, but still you can inform it on your behalf. The website provides support through its social networking account, and some websites also provide email and phone numbers for help.

Clear the saved cache in your browser. Outdated or corrupted files that are saved by your browser also cause a 502 Gateway error. If the problem is coming because of this, then by removing these caches, opening the page again, the error gets solved.

If 502 bad Gateway Error is not just for you alone, and people are also facing this problem, then you have to wait until the problem is resolved.

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