WhatsApp Stickers Are Now Rolling Out For Android And iOS How to use

WhatsApp Stickers Are Now Rolling Out For Android And iOS

WhatsApp Stickers Are Now Rolling Out For Android And iOS

Instant messaging app WhatsApp comes with new features for its users Now. Whatsapp will give the sticker in the app If you also want to use Stickers feature, you will need to update Beta 2.18.329 and iPhone 2.18.100 to Android phone. In addition, WhatsApp has integrated the Stickers Store app too. By visiting the Sticker Store, you will be able to download the sticker pack at no charge. Once the sticker pack is downloaded to the smartphone, you will be able to use them on  too.

WhatsApp Stickers Are Now Rolling Out For Android And iOS

If you want to use the sticker in chat, you have clicked on the Emoji button in the chat bar. After this you will see the history tab Apart from this there is the Favorite tab, in this tab you can keep those stickers that you want to click on the star icon after selecting it in the Favorites tab. Find Best camera in cheap price WA Web

To download the sticker pack,  go to the All Stickers tab and click on the download button. In the Stickers tab, you will see all the stickers that you have downloaded In addition to the stickers present in the store,
if you want to download more stickers, then Get More Stickers appearing below the All Stickers tab. If you wish, you can also delete the sticker pack by going to the Mighty Sticker tab. If you do not see stickers on the Whatsapp web, then you clean the browser’s cache file and then reload the webpage.

To use the sticker pack, you can download the APK file from the Google Play Beta program or APK Mirror site.The WhatAppBetaInfo report says that the feature is being released gradually for the iPhone. Specify that this feature will work on version 7.0 and higher

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